Arise FAQs


Question 1: What is Arise?

Arise is a loyalty program and a community hub for all things health and wellness. It’s designed to assist you in your health journey with the benefit of substantial discounts, subscriber-only rewards, and perks.

Question 2: How does Arise work?

You automatically have access to Arise when you have an active subscription. As your health journey progresses, you'll unlock new tiers with even more rewards and benefits. Each tier comes with a token that unlocks new and exciting experiences and valuable savings. Additionally, you can participate in Arise wellness challenges to earn even more tokens. Learn more about Arise:

Question 3: Do I have to pay for Arise?

Nope! There are no extra fees. All you need is an active subscription to access Arise.

Question 4: How do I create an account?

Simply create a subscription to enroll in Arise. Ready to get started? click here to create a subscription. If you already have an active subscription, you can access your account here. If you already have an active subscription but still need to set up an account, you can create a free one here.

Interested in the technicals?

Question 1: How do tokens work with Arise?

It’s simple: you can exchange your wellness efforts for a token that commemorates your new, healthy habits. By completing wellness challenges in exchange for a token, you can give tangible recognition to yourself and celebrate your progress toward achieving your wellness goals. The token digitalizes your dedication to prioritizing your health and well-being. It represents your commitment to personal well-being and can remind you to continue taking care of yourself.

Question 2: What is an Arise Wallet?

The Arise Wallet stores your tokens. Tokens are earned from completing wellness challenges and participating in Arise. You can also manage and view tokens that have not been redeemed and learn more about how to redeem them. Stay tuned for updates to Arise that will allow you to transfer and hold your collectibles!

Question 3: How do I earn Arise tokens?

With each tier, you will be gifted a token that unlocks new and more valuable savings and experiences. You can also unlock Arise tokens by participating in wellness challenges.

Question 4: What is a token?

A token refers to a digital collectible, also known as a non-fungible token (NFT). This type of digital asset links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. NFTs are considered modern-day collectibles and are bought and sold online, providing digital proof of ownership to their owners. For more information on NFTs, click here.

Baseball card analogy

To paint a clearer picture, think about baseball trading cards. When you start collecting them, they may not seem like much, but the card's value increases as the player’s career progresses and they achieve more success. This is similar to how our tokens work. When you start collecting tokens, they may not seem like much, but over time, the value of each token increases as you progress through your health journey. As you accumulate more and more, they can become a powerful symbol of your commitment to personal wellness.

Question 5: Why did we choose NFTS?

We wanted an innovative way to deliver this new loyalty experience. As our loyalty program expands, there will be many opportunities to collect and trade collectibles.

Question 6: What blockchain is Arise hosted on?

Our tokens are stored on the Polygon blockchain. We chose Polygon because of its proof-of-stake method, which reduces the amount of computational work needed to verify blocks and transactions, making Polygon one of the most eco-friendly blockchains and one of the first blockchains to be climate positive. For more information, click here.

Question 7: Do I need to be an NFT expert to enjoy Cymbiotika's Loyalty Program?

Nope! We’re making this loyalty program as simple as possible so everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits.