Athletic young man opening can of energy drink

Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired?

Imagine this scenario: after working hard preparing documents all morning, you start to feel sleepy as the afternoon drags on. It’s time for a snack break to refuel energy, but what should you eat? You’re working against an end of day deadline for your assignment, so you have to fuel up quickly. This is why you opt for the easier option, an energy drink.  Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. While energy drink consumption can boost your energy in the short term, it can also make you feel even more tired afterwards. If you’re one of many people who...

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Woman sleeping on her desk, victim of caffeine crash

7 Ways to Avoid a Caffeine Crash

Before you chug a caffeinated drink, consider that it can actually deplete your energy levels. Learn about caffeine crash symptoms and how to prevent them.

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Young man and woman jogging in the park

Does Protein Give You Energy?

Protein can give you energy in the long-term. Amino acids help build & repair muscles, which take a lot of energy. Learn how to increase protein intake naturally.

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Holding a jar of nuts

9 Foods That Give You Energy Naturally

Check out the best foods that are natural energy boosters so you can cut down on coffee and energy drinks.

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