Athletic girl holding plate with healthy sandwitch

Recovery Foods for Athletes

Recovery foods for athletes can impact how our body recovers from an intense workout. Discover the benefits of recovery foods post-workout.

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Athlete stretches using foam roller

How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Learning how to speed up muscle recovery the right way ensures a healthy body. Check out key stretches and habits to do post-workout that help recovery.

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Shirtless muscular man in front of table with healthy food

9 Foods That Help Muscle Recovery

Foods that help with muscle recovery are key to keeping your body healthy. Learn about the 9 foods you should eat post-workout to help muscle recovery.

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Woman in fitness clothes making healthy smoothie

What to Drink After a Workout

 Picture this: You’ve just finished your 45-minute gym session. You’re covered in sweat, but you feel strong. Months of working hard to build your muscles with weight-training has improved your endurance with cardiovascular training. Happy, albeit sweaty, you hop into your car to drive home and go about the rest of your day. If this sounds familiar, you might be missing a key component of your recovery process—rehydration. Wondering how to speed up muscle recovery? Skipping a post-workout beverage can have lasting negative consequences on your body and future athletic performance. In this guide, we’ll discuss the top ten beverages...

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