Why Our "Soles" Crave Magnesium

In recent years, magnesium has taken the hot seat in terms of supplement popularity, and for good reason. Magnesium is an essential trace mineral responsible for more than 300 enzymatic systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, and healthy brain development. This miracle mineral is one of the seven “essential macrominerals.” (Macromineral is a fancy term for a mineral that people must consume large amounts of daily.) 

Magnesium has been proven excellent at boosting memory, brain power, and sleep. While the mineral is traditionally taken orally, there is an alternate method on the market now. Hint: Spray the magnesium on your feet!

This has been one of our best-kept secrets yet - and we’re so excited to reveal it. 

Spraying the bottoms of your feet with about 15-20 sprays of Topical Magnesium Oil Spray before bed makes for an excellent addition to your cozy nighttime routine. There are so many benefits to the use of magnesium, as mentioned above, and even more unique, interesting, and specific benefits to using the supplement on your feet! Here are some of the reasons why we swear by it:

1. Maximum Absorption

The feet have relatively thick skin with fewer sebaceous glands than other body parts, allowing for enhanced absorption of topical supplements. This characteristic facilitates better penetration of active ingredients into the bloodstream. This also helps the mineral quickly reach the Lymphatic and Circulatory System, putting you into a state of ease, calm, and muscle relaxation. Additionally, the feet have a high concentration of sweat glands, which can aid in the absorption process. 

2. Bypasses Potential Dietary Restrictions

When supplements are applied to the skin, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream or targeted tissues, avoiding potential allergens or intolerances that might be present in food or oral supplements. This route reduces the risk of adverse reactions related to digestion or absorption issues associated with certain foods or ingredients. 

3. Aids with Muscle Relaxation in Feet/Legs/Body

By targeting the feet, where the skin is thicker, and absorption is efficient, magnesium oil quickly reaches leg muscles. It facilitates muscle relaxation by easing tension and cramping. This direct application method effectively supports muscle relaxation in the legs, making it a practical remedy for alleviating discomfort and promoting overall muscle health.

Here's a couple more reasons why people need magnesium:

  1. Muscle Function: Huge flex! Magnesium is involved in muscle contraction and relaxation, including the heart muscle. It helps regulate neuromuscular signals and supports smooth muscle function throughout the body.
  1. Energy Production: It participates in over 300 enzymatic reactions, including those involved in energy production and storage. (Who doesn’t wish they had more energy sometimes?) 
  1. Bone Health: Alongside calcium, magnesium is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. It contributes to bone density and supports the absorption and metabolism of calcium. It also helps make your smile BEAUTIFUL!
  1. Blood Sugar Regulation: Magnesium affects insulin secretion and glucose metabolism. It helps cells use insulin efficiently, which can contribute to stable blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of insulin resistance.
  1. Mood Regulation: Low magnesium levels have been linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety. Magnesium supports neurotransmitter function and helps regulate mood and stress response.


Inadequate magnesium intake can lead to symptoms such as muscle cramps, fatigue, irritability, and abnormal heart rhythms. While magnesium is found in various foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, and leafy greens, many people may benefit from supplementing their diet as well. (Check out our Magnesium L-Throenate and our Topical Magnesium Oil Spray for optimal results!) 

If you aren’t convinced yet by the method to our madness (or happiness, rather), we urge you to try it for yourself and see. 


Here are five easy steps to peace:

Step 1: Shower off your body so it is clean of everything, including perfume and lotion.

Step 2: Pick out your favorite cozy socks.

Step 3: Spray the bottoms of your feet 7-10 times each with our Topical Magnesium Oil Spray.

Step 4: Slip on your favorite cozy socks!

Step 5: Fade away into divine, dreamy bliss.

Thanks, Mag Oil… 

Or should we say, “sole sister.

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Topical Magnesium Oil Spray
Relaxes Tired Muscles
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Topical Magnesium Oil Spray Media
Topical Magnesium Oil Spray
Relaxes Tired Muscles
$36.00 $32.40

by Brennan Sieber / Jul 03, 2024