Shahab Elmi: A Man with the Midas Touch / An Epitome of Success

Living a good life is an amalgamation of two primary aspects- one is good health, and the other is peace of mind. Today, the pace of our lives is chaotic, toiling long hours at work, spending the weekends glued to our screens, and running 24*7 to do everything out of the to-do list. Such a lifestyle is a mere representation of how people survive in a default setting. On the contrary, they can live a better life and choose to make the most of their significant time.

With this, the wellness industry comes into the picture. It has seen exponential growth in the last decade as more people are considering wellness retreats. The wellness brands are reinventing with innovative products and services to keep updated with the ongoing global pandemic. It is slowly gaining momentum of changing demographics and meeting the consumers’ needs of the hour.

One such wellness brand, Cymbiotika is an innovative wellness and lifestyle brand based in San Diego. It is determined by the higher purpose of inspiring everyday people to achieve their optimal health.

A charismatic personality and an adept leader, Shahab Elmi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cymbiotika. He started his professional journey with AT&T working as a Director of Sales further got promoted to Executive Director. More than a decade-long experience at AT&T led to exceptional future opportunities and exposures. Furthermore, he is grateful to work along with some of the top leaders on the planet – Ralph De La Vega, Glen Lurie, and Andy Shibley to name a few. This experience was pivotal for his upcoming entrepreneurial endeavours.

About Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika is a health supplement company, designing sophisticated organic formulations that are scientifically proven to increase vitality and longevity by filling nutritional gaps that result from the modern-day diet.

With the mantra of Your mind and body deserve the best, Cymbiotika aims to change the world by empowering people to reclaim their health and unlock their fullest potential. We all know health is our true wealth, and the company focuses on helping people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

The company steers with passion, intentional design, and creation, not margins. It advocates holistic health rooted in both Eastern and Western medicine. Cymbiotika sources only the highest quality plant-based nutrients, combined with advanced bioavailable absorption technology to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies and support healthy aging, detoxification, and longevity. It never uses synthetics, GMOs, fillers, chemicals, preservatives, additives, or sugars.

Cymbiotika is a customer-centric organization that always puts its customers first and foremost. It works towards enriching people’s lives in a defining manner. Offerings them best-in-class products and setting a goal of becoming a role model in the marketplace.

A Sneak Peek into Shahab Brief Journey

Shahab is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four companies: Cymbiotika (nutritional supplements), DASH Radio / DASH International (online radio), KNK Group (Cricket Wireless stores), and Day Group (customizable phone cases). Shahab sold Day Group to Duckie Accessories for an 8-figure sum after 26 months of its foundation.

More recently, Shahab led Cymbiotika to achieve $3 million in sales within 90 days of launch. At DASH Radio, in 29 months, the company has 10 million monthly listeners and has raised substantial investments at a 9-figure valuation. Finally, under Shahab’s leadership, KNK Group has been awarded the title of “Cricket Wireless National Dealer of the Year“. This award comes well earned – in 3 years, KNK Group has opened 172 stores in 6 states. Additionally, Shahab is a member of the Board of Advisors at Bomani Cold Buzz and the Board of Directors at Massiv Clothing.

Backed with a Power-Packed Team

Cymbiotika’s success is an amalgamation of the work put in by its co-founders and team. The team plays a vital role; each member contributes to their maximum potential and works adhering to the mission and vision of the company. The brand has marked its presence in the global market with the help of its dedicated team members. The company has the best leaders in the business; it never feels like working in the office. The team at Cymbiotika is passionate and excellent at what they do; they put their heart and soul into everything. The organization is grateful for having such an exceptional team.

Shahab is a key person in this environment. He is a leader; who faces challenges every day and successfully tackles the hurdles effectively. “We are ready. I emphasize WE because, with the right leaders, no obstacles are incrementable”. 

He also believes that the key to diversification is the internal team. A diverse team produces different and unique ideas. This results in diverse offerings that appeal to the broader target audience (which in our case is EVERYONE).

Company Culture is the Difference Maker

Shahab reckons that company culture is what fuels the engine of success. Be it product-based or service-based business- quality is paramount. There may come a day where a competitor will provide products/services identical in quality and scope. However, Company Culture cannot be replaced. Everyone wants to be appreciated and work in a pleasant/happy environment.

Everyone wants to look forward to coming to work. As a CEO, YOU have control over the kind of environment your organization cultivates. Spend time and resources constantly working on this. NEVER EVER take your team for granted.

Leading the Way with Exemplary Leadership Principles

Leadership is unique. Many entrepreneurs fall victim to copycat leadership. With so many gurus selling their propaganda with the how-to books and overnight success formulas, this trap leads to inevitable failure. Replicating a leader’s successful strategy is a short-term gain, however, in the long run, it never works.

Here are the few Shahab’s leadership qualities:

    • Passion
    • Hardest worker in the room
    • TEAM always before “I”
    • Focus on the controllable
    • Humility

He aims at incorporating these new ideas as a leader. He believes in investing in the right people and staying focused with them. The profits will roll in, and revenue will come.

Shahab also believes in empowering talented people. He bestows them with an opportunity and allows them to create their vision. Many times, leaders force their styles on their employees. When that happens, creativity gets lost and disregarded. Hence, let the creative minds get nurtured to experience blooming results.

Failures are the Greatest Teachers

In earlier entrepreneurial endeavors, Shahab would shy away from risk. He learned through the years that to win- one has to take calculated risks. Make tough decisions and lead the path with zeal and zest. Playing too close to the vest, especially for a startup; could have devastating consequences.

Failures will happen. It sounds terrible and disheartening, but success as an entrepreneur is not linear. At some point, things will not go as planned. Expecting and planning for these misses is critical. Building redundancies may be the most important strategic initiative in any organization.

The Two Disciplines of Success

  • Life success: Family first. Time is irreplaceable, so spend every second you can with your kids. My wife, parents, and daughters inspire him daily.
  • Business success: Build an ethical and morally sound organization, which emphasizes diversity. Growth will happen organically.

Shahab is a visionary leader; who envisions helping people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We start and end each meeting with Quality and Quality control discussions. This laser focus became the foundation of everything we do at Cymbiotika: to create the best health products in the world.

Adding Glory to the Victory

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) announced that Shahab Elmi of Cymbiotika was named an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Pacific Southwest – San Diego Award finalist. Now in its 35th year, the Entrepreneur Of The Year program honors unstoppable business leaders whose ambition, ingenuity, and courage in the face of adversity help catapult us from the now to next and beyond. Shahab Elmi got selected by a panel of independent judges. The award winners got announced during a special virtual celebration on August 5, 2021. They become lifetime members of an esteemed community of Entrepreneur Of The Year alumni from across the glo

There is nothing more important than our health and we have an incredible team devoted to helping people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Since inception, we focused on delivering high-quality products and offering an amazing customer experience; success will follow. I am proud of our unwavering commitment to these standards and the strong corporate culture that makes it all possible. Thank you for this recognition, I am honored to be named a finalist“, adds Shahab.

The Journey Continues

The best advice Shahab has received is “Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you will hit the stars”. 

Inspired by this thought-provoking advice, Cymbiotika continues to round out its product offerings in 2022 (9 additional SKUs in lab testing with more on the way). Additionally, it will accelerate international expansion: Currently: USA/Canada; in 2022 and add Australia, UK, EU, and AUE(Gulf states).

Cymbiotika has grown over 7000% over the past three years and is positioned to grow for years to come.

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