Cymbiotika Announces Launch of New Supplement, ParaX ™

SAN DIEGO – Feb. 27, 2022 – Cymbiotika, the leading supplement brand known for creating clean, science-backed supplements, announced its newest product, ParaX™ .

ParaX is a comprehensive approach to balancing the gut microbiome, enhancing detox pathways, fortifying the immune system, and providing whole-body wellness. ParaX utilizes vitamins, minerals, standardized herbal extracts, fatty acids, and phenols encapsulated within powerful ozonated, oxygen-infused oils. 

What makes ParaX unique is that it was designed inside a gel capsule with suspended ParaX-Spheres. The formula also contains a powerful blend of ozonated oils made of monolaurin, coconut, thyme, clove, olive, and oregano. This combination provides a wide range of antimicrobial and antiseptic agents.

The formula also contains CAPE (Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester), a highly bioactive compound found in bee propolis and utilized for its extraordinary antioxidant and immune properties, and Andrographolide, which is shown to support the immune system, promote a healthy inflammatory response and support the body during bacterial and viral infections.

“We designed this formula to offer a proactive approach to combating the overgrowth of bacteria, microbes, and other foreign invaders in our microbiome that can cause many diverse health issues. ParaX is a daily supplement intentionally formulated for overall wellness and immune support rather than act as a harsh, one-time cleanse,” said Dr. Pejman Taghavi, a Cymbiotika’s Board of Advisors member.

Cymbiotika’s ParaX is a powerful supplement that provides an extra line of defense against bacteria, microbes, and foreign invaders that the body is exposed to. ParaX retails for $92 and is available for purchase through the Cymbiotika website

Customers over the age of 18 should take three capsules daily, with water or juice, as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. The formula was designed for individuals to take three weeks on and one week off. ParaX can be taken any time of the day, but it is crucial to be consistent with the time it is taken.

For increased effectiveness, take alongside Cymbiotika’s Liposomal Vitamin C.

by / Jul 20, 2023