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Matt Blackburn has been saturating his body for years before he discovered a micro-algae source. He had been ingesting numerous different types of algae for years but he never experienced one that was so abundant with omega-3 DHA. 

The intimate link between DHA mitochondria had been an idea that Matt had meditated on for years, fueling his consumption of fish. He was aware of the hazards of eating fish from the ocean: out-of-control wild breeding of GMO salmon, plastics, radiation and parasites. Still, he felt that the benefits outweighed the harm because he was strengthening his nervous system. 

In March of 2017 MITOLIFE was conceived. Finally, the vision that he had of educating on water, magnetism, light, DHA and vegetarianism had come to fruition. One year later, after running the entire operation himself, he hit a plateau and dreamed of bringing this critical substance to a wider audience.


Then Cymbiotika was born.