Cymbiotika Manifesto
A life in perfect harmony with the universal forces of nature must include stewardship, not domination, of all sentient beings. The rapid rate at which fish and krill are being stripped from the oceans threatens the foundational integrity of our entire web of life. We must change course.  Let’s filter our thoughts through our hearts and cease the ego-based problem solving. Once the heart can feel and the brain can function, as mother nature intended, all the solutions become obvious. 

We are at a breaking point, humanity must unite and answer the greatest challenge of our existence, how do we save Mother Earth?

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

Quantum physics reveals that within the frequency of light, information is carried, and within the frequency of love, creation is born.  This manifesto is an attempt to spark a global transformation through frequencies of love, light, and truth.  A reality shift will occur when each individual finds the courage to awaken from the mass amnesia, and take ownership of the fact that we are the caretakers of this planet.  Finding one’s purpose generates a massive surge of energy and inspires intentions of conserving, restoring, and protecting Mother Earth and our precious way of life.

We are all symbiotically connected- plants, animals, humans, and Mother Nature herself.  She is a beautiful, fragile, complex system with specific instructions that support and maintain her balance.  Earth is the only plane of existence in our solar system with a sustainable ecosystem; providing us with every resource we need to survive.  We are blissed to live here. Tragically, we have lost sight of the gift we were given.  Man has been abusing Earth for the last 100 years, and has derailed her once perfect balance.  We have placed the human race above all other species on Earth, and by doing so, we have disrupted the natural balance of our ecosystem.  Mankind’s industrialization experiment at the expense of Earth has failed miserably. We must ask ourselves, what are we trying to sustain?  Earth?  Or industrial civilization? It’s clear we can’t have both.

"The sun, moon, and stars would have disappeared long ago... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands." ~Havelock Ellis

Behaviors that disrupt the stability and health of our ecosystem must be identified and publicly condemned.  Among the most hazardous of human activities are militarism, urbanization, carbon combustion, mining of metals and toxic materials, manufacturing of chemicals and biological poisons in all forms, industrial agriculture, INDUSTRIAL FISHING, and deforestation.  If we don’t put an end to these lethal practices, our environment and everything in it will be destroyed.  As you read this, the temperature in our atmosphere is increasing at a rate we’ve never seen before.  Earth's natural flow of energy is being disrupted buy our world-wide economy. Today’s capitalistic economics is primarily based on the exploitation of natural resources and the constant increase of humanities consumption of manufactured goods.  This system is unsustainable, and it’s violating the natural order of life.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." Anonymous  

Paul Hawken, a friend and mentor who has dedicated his life to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment, described it perfectly in his 2009 commencement speech to the University of Portland- 

“This planet came with a set of instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them. Important rules like don’t poison the water, soil, or air, don’t let the earth get overcrowded, and don’t touch the thermostat have been broken"

This blind assault towards Earth is a direct assault on our existence.  The question now is what should we do?  As we move closer to the days of great change, we will all be called upon to be pillars of light.  We are the generation here today that must reverse the damage inflicted by our predecessors, and save our future.  We can have no delay.  The science and spiritual community agrees that if we wait 5, 20, or 50 years, the problem will exasperate tremendously, and it will be too late to address.  You might ask yourself what difference can I make?  My response is we should all approach this mission in a way that best fits our own desires.  Whatever your passion is, do it, and perform it to the best of your ability.  Start making conscious decisions: buy organic, eat less meat, use reusable bags, donate something, pick up trash, grow your own food, say “I Love You” more, and set a positive impact on your sphere of influence.  When we all start working to heal earth, we heal ourselves.

Don't blow it - we got one Mother Earth - Chervin

Stepping forward, we will either change course and enter a new era of paradise, or, it will be the end of life as we know it.  War, disease, poverty, economic collapse, floods, drought, pollution, have all been the symbol of the “Great Industrial Revolution” and the false “Technological Progress” that dominated the last 100 years.  Let’s make a change.  You must alone must decide your path.  Will you live in honor, and have love for earth and fellow man, or will you dishonor life?  We are all here today,  at this very moment in life,  to decide the future of humanity.  Collectively we can make a difference.   Those who agree with these principles have a duty to spread the word by education, love, and leadership. Always remember, energy flows where attention goes. God Bliss Mother Earth and God Bliss you all.