Q: What is the dosage?

A: Consult with your healthcare practitioner, but the general recommendation is 1,000mg minimum daily. That is a maintenance dose. A great building dose for the blood and tissues is an excess of 1200mg a day and ideally 2,000 mg. With DHA, it really is the more the better. The anti-depressant and neuroprotective effects of omega-3 DHA become stronger with higher dosages. 

Q: How often should I take it?

A: It is best to take MITOLIFE DHA on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Many people prefer to take it first thing in the morning and again before bed. One serving is two squeezes of the dropper, with each one being 500mg. Although it is not graduated, just make sure that the dropper is full roughly to the halfway mark.

Q: How do I take it?

A: You can take it directly in the mouth which is excellent to get it right into the brain, or you can drop it in a smoothie. To ensure that none is wasted, it is best to squirt it directly into the mouth! 

Q: Is it non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, mercury and radiation free?

A: Yes. What differentiates MITOLIFE from other algal DHA is that it is non-biotechnology; non-GMO. The big brands on the shelf are genetically modified. MITOLIFE is indoor grown, meaning that its seperated from the pollution cycle. It starts pure and ends pure! 

Q: Is it safe from oxidation?

A: Yes, when the bottle is unopened and sealed, it can withstand high temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for several months. Once the bottle is opened, refridgeration or cooler storage is recommended. There is a trace amount of tocopherol (vitamin E) which helps greatly to prevent the oxidation process. Store in a cool, dark place!

Q: What is MITOLIFE flavored with?

A: It is an organic lemon oil, similar to an edible grade essential oil. It only makes up a small fraction of the formula, enough to offset the seaweed taste that many are not fond of.

Q: Why not take fish or krill oil?

A: Algae forms the base of the food chain of the entire planet. From marine phytoplankton to Schizochytrium (MITOLIFE), the fish and krill get their DHA from algae. Usually the sea animals (mussels, oysters, fish) would have to consume DHA and then transmute it into a form that is bioavailable to us. The benefit of MITOLIFE is that not only is it the purest source of DHA on the planet, it is also the most potent due to the high bioavailability.

Schizochytrium is 50% by weight. Fish oil is about 25-30%. The big issue with fish oil is that it is often rancid by the time it gets to your kitchen cabinet. It is very sensitive to heat and rancidification. Who knows how long it was sitting in the truck before it was delivered to the store shelf. The cheaper generic fish oils are gauranteed to be rancid.  

The second biggest issue is that the ocean is severely polluted. PCBs, dioxins, heavy metals such as mercury, parasites and ocean acidification all contribute to seafood contamination. Mercury is toxic to the nervous system in microscopic doses. 

Krill is definitely a better option than fish. Smaller animals accumulate less mercury, plastics, synthetic chemicals etc. But still, however they clean it up (mollecular distillation), there will be residues if only in homeopathic doses. The processing starts with a toxic sludge that they extract oil from to make into a nutritional supplement. MITOLIFE starts pure and ends pure.

The big issue with krill is sustainability: we don't know what their population is. That is to say, we're farming them at such exponential rates that we're taking them away from whales and animals that rely on them as their primary food source. If the krill run out in the ocean then we will lose the entire food chain. It is at that point that algae would be our optimal choice to keep our brain, eyes, heart, nervous system and reproductive organs healthy.

Is it in the SN-2 position?

For non-mitochondriacs, this means the glycerol backbone position of the fatty acids. DHA must be in this position to get absorbed into the brain and nervous system. 25 to 33% of MITOLIFE DHA is in the SN-2 position. MITOLIFE is currently funding tests to prove scientifically that it is in this position. One way to know without a test is to take a lot of it and feel the nootropic-like effect in your brain! 

Will MITOLIFE DHA make me superhuman?

Possibly! Follow the founder, Matt Blackburn's work, to see how DHA fits into the light, water and magnetism puzzle! 

There is no discount code area!?

It is found at the very end of the checkout process after you click "go to shipping options". If it still isn't there, it means that you selected a monthly subscription of MITOLIFE, which means that you are already receiving 15% off!