Web Developer

San Diego, California | Full-Time

Cymbiotika provides cutting edge, pure products that improve energy levels, focus, physical stamina & overall health. As a developer with Cymbiotika, you will be working on custom web applications, along with Shopify’s template language, Liquid.

We are looking for a full-stack developer with experience working with component-based frameworks such Vue.js or React.js, along with Liquid.

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  • Strong experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Liquid and SQL
  • Experience with frameworks like Vue.js Angular and React.
  • Expertise with back-end technologies such as Node and Express
  • Experience with Github, Heroku and AWS
  • Ability to work well under aggressive deadlines


  • Develop user experiences on web pages
  • Creating servers and databases
  • Ensuring cross-platform code with a mobile first architecture. 
  • Developing API and designing RESTful services


  • 2+ Years with HTML and CSS
  • 1+ Years with with JavaScript Frameworks
  • 1+ Years with Git and Repos